Other Services

Car Lubricants

It is very important and it is the reason why you need to come to us, it is the bloodstream of the car and need to be service, inspect and advise by the professional like us. We are offering only quality and approved oil for your car. Best and correct oil mean it is healthy and best performance for your car.

Car Wash

Auto wash is a facility used to clean the exterior[1] and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles. Car washes can be self-serve, fully automated, or full-service with attendants who wash the vehicle.

Engine Maintenance & Repair

The main drive line for your every car, it's really need a great care. We can repair and maintenance for you if it is not yet broken, and if it is already broken we can repair it. Technician works from the top to the bottom, inspection of the belts, pulleys, manifold, EGR, hoses etc. Engine breath better mean less fuel consumption, and more power.

Airconditioning Service

Aircon is one if the necessaries and convenience for the passengers in the car. We are having machine to service and maintenance your Aircon system and make it healthy for your car and for your nose. Our machine will analyse, vacuum, compress, and inject oil & refrigerant to the system.

Brake Service and repair

Nothing is more risky then that as brake is the only component to stop your car and protecting you from accident. We have equipment and it is 0% error with this brake work. We have full set of brake pad, shoes, fluid and cleaner. Make it healthy and risk free for you car.