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About ABSAutomotive.com.kh

ABSAutomotive.com.kh is a specially designed web site for buyer who want to look for their loved cars with quality and reasonable price. Our next mission at absautomotive.com.kh is to link all buyers and sellers throughout the world providing truly convenient and reliable on-line trading system.
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​​ABSAutomotive serve you with care and passion!

Business Profile

On ABSAutomotive.com.kh, you can search and buy and leave message to us in case of enquiring price or further contact. We provide wide range of car types, models for you to see through such as Saloon, Sport Car and models such as Toyota Camry, Corolla, and many more.
We love to satisfy our customer because we think satisfaction is priority. Moreover, we also support car loan, so you can pay monthly for a certain amount of month with good interest rate.

The Products

We provide fully functional quick and detailed search tool to comfort user and buyer. To help user or buyer with the loan calculating, we provide our loan calculator on both Home Page and Product Page And you can easily find the new or used car in the Product page , you can browse through service information in your Other Services pages, or leave a message to us or to vendor in each car detail page. Besides car, you can look for our spare parts as well, whose menu is the sub menu of Other Service menu.

Company Profile

Company Name:
ABS Automotive
Establish Year:
Mr. David Lee
Main Business :
Automotive Shop, Water Filter Selling and Hotel.